Schneider Mobile Power Bank

hand held unit able to start a large V8 Diesel engine by all means; PowerBank HD can start any car

The PowerBank HD is designed to be stored away in your glove-box, under seat compartments or boot storage to be called upon to save the day in the event of a flat battery. Simply plug the provided clamps into the Powerbank’s battery terminals, attach them to the car battery and turn on the ignition!

Eliminates the need for cumbersome equipment to jump start your car
Eliminate ALL the hassle!

  • Emergency Car Starter
  • Electronic Device Charger (charging adaptors for most electronic devices included within)
  • 18000mAh Capacity
  • Digital Number display indicating battery life percentage
  • Device, jump starter cables and electronic device pieces contained in bright zipper pack
  • Weight: 620g
  • Available in black and red stripe

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